Monday, November 5, 2007

Salmon-colored soil under coastal forest

Acrylic on canvas
50" by 66"

Portrait of a profile of the Bandon soil series (Coarse-loamy, isotic, isomesic, ortstein Typic Haplorthods) on marine terrace above Otter Rock Beach, Oregon.

Official series description

(c) 2007 Jay Noller

Collection of Springbrook Properties and permanently installed in the Allison Inn & Spa, Newberg, Oregon.

Mazama tephra blanket

LaPine soil, Mazama volcanic pumice, forest duff, and acrylic on canvas
22" by 30"

Portrait of a soil profile buried beneath a blanket of pumice (tephra) from the collapse of volcanic Mt. Mazama (7,700 years ago) and forest floor detritus. LaPine soil (series designation is a Ashy-pumiceous, glassy Xeric Vitricryands) and other materials collected from central Oregon.

(c) 2007 Jay Noller